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Let me guess tennis 5 will give privileges to her son, tcf to his daughter , aloha to his daughter and hey don't forget about me your pain in the butt pal at TT, throw in some coins for me, wink wink

Is reminds me of my post to TCF many years ago

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Just one question who decides who to fund directly? it will end up bureaucratic by nature, how do you know who is the best player to be funded directly, scouts? OK I think my son is the best player and I want funding $100,000.00 now so I the parent can decided where (TCF) to spend this money ( TCF I will cut a deal with you remember no tournaments and the scout) It will end up in a process with a whole list of procedures to follow, tax implications, quid pro ques, ear markings etc.... and get mucked up in favoritism in the end.

Little Johnny: hey Grandpa just give me the money ( $200 million from us open) so That I can do whatever I want with it, I know what I am doing, just like with all those what have you investments and worthless things I bought in the past, only this time it is different
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