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Originally Posted by shogun90 View Post
An amusing thing happened at the 3.0 Nationals this past weekend: a player was complaining to the scorekeeper desk, a player just got off a court and was complaining that the person that just beat him was no 3.0 because he himself was a 4.0 and was killed by his opponent. There is definitely a problem with the USTA rating system when you have players serving at 120mph @75%. There were many competitive matches, but there were definitely some players way above their "3.0" rating. It was too bad, but that's the system we have to deal with if we want to play USTA.
Heard that nearly 30 yrs ago. 4.0 in his mind. Our super seniors serve 120 mph 2nd serves with hip replacements and those are the ladies playing mxd doubles. It's tough all over.
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