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The H22 has a fair bit of weight in the head due to the fairly solid beam and squarer profile of the beam. The pro stock blade has a bigger head but the beam is curved towards the edges. Quite a clever design as it takes weight out of it, if it had a beam like the H22 it would be very head heavy but it doesn't.

The H22's come in different flexes. The H22 open pattern racquets I have flex at 64 but have a stiff head and this combined with the 22 mm square beam makes them very powerful. I have other tight pattern h22's that have more flex that are less powerful, but these open pattern ones are cannons but quite hard on the arm.

The pro stock blades that I have are less stiff in the head and have less weight in the beam itself and are I think slightly less powerful than the H22 open patterns. They feel softer and are more forgiving, having a bigger sweetspot than the h22's. My blades are 27.5 though, that gives them more pop than standard obviously. An h22 open pattern XL would be a beast of a stick!

I hit the h19 at 27.5 yesterday. Definitely stiffer in the head than my flexy h22's, serves bigger but hits the ball flatter. Lovely but smaller sweet spot. Will need to experiment more with it but a great serving racquet, a bit like pt57e perhaps but harder to hit?

I'd love to post pictures but not allowed! Any idea when this changes?

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