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Default Wilson Hits Homerun with Wilson Steam 99S (mini review)

Was invited to the Wilson SET (Spin Effect Tour) event yesterday, where the highlight of the upcoming Wilson Products for the 2013 Year was surely the Wilson Steam 99S.

99 square inches
27 inches length
strung weight: 11.3
balance: 2 pts HL
string pattern: 16:15
cross section: 24 mm

All attendees were able to hit with all the 2013 Wilson frames, but what made this event special, was being able to demo the 99s. Not only that, but be able to actually find out if it does in fact provide more spin.

Wilson set up one court with a computerized tracking system to determine the amount of spin, pace and height hit on ground strokes.

Racquets provided for this play test were the Babolat Aero Pro Drive, Head Speed MP 315, and Steam 99S. All were strung with Luxilon 4G. And balls were fed with a ball machine.

Here are my test results:

Most pace (average):
1. Head Speed MP
2. Steam 99S
3. Aero Pro Drive

Highest Net clearance (average):
1. Steam 99S
2. Aero Pro Drive
3. Head Speed

Most Spin (average):
1. Steam 99S
2. Head Speed
3. Aero Pro Drive

My average spin on the Steam was over 2800 RPMs, reaching up to 3,300 RPMs on a few shots.

Average on the Head was 2,500 with highest being 2800 RPMs on a few shots.

Average on the Aero was 2,300 RPMs with a few shots at 2600 Rpms.

A few more notes:

Hit a few fhs with the steam a little over 80 mph (which were the fastest I recorded), and average height over the net was 63 inches.

The frame was incredibly comfortable to swing and hit with. Has a great cushiony, but very responsive feel at impact. Easy to generate power, tons of spin, and surprisingly, easy to control the shots. Great to volley with and serves were simply amazing. The heaviness of spin shots was just sick. This frame is going to be very attractive to a very wide range of players, from recreational, to mid level players, to advanced. As far as I could tell, frame really has no weaknesses.

I definitely believe this racquet is going to absolutely dominate public courts everywhere. This frame truly is a SPIN monster. Wilson absolutely knocked it out of the park with this one and Hit a Home Run.

One more note:
Every tester I saw, hit with much more spin with the 99S than with any other frame. This was backed up by the data of every playtester.

Sorry for the short review, I'll try and answer as many questions as I can.

Video of ex UM player hitting 115 mph serve with a Steam 105s.

Photos can be found here (thanks to ThePowerof choice):






Power Player:




TW Tennis Warehouse Review:

Prince Textreme Tour 95 Video Review:

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