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Originally Posted by canuckfan View Post
Were you still able to flatten the ball out for more court penetration when you wanted to? P.S. Do you have a one-handed backhand? I ask because I also prefer a onehander. Thanks for the review!
Yes, I was able to flatten out shots with the frame when I was playtesting it. However, for the on-court test, I did not concentrate on hitting flat shots. Also, YES, I use a one-hander.

Originally Posted by JGads View Post
Wow, great stuff. And coming from Drak, that's a nice endorsement.

Drak, did you or others playtest the new Blades at all? Was the Steam still most people's fancy? First Steam was just awful, I thought, nice to see they went somewhere very different with this one to create a cool new alternative for people.
Yeah, hit with all the new blades as well. Really enjoyed hitting with the 16X19 blade. Much livelier than the 18X20. Paint job on all 4 new blades are really nice.

Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Very interesting stuff. For me too much spin has been detrimental in the past. Since i think you use s prestige a lot, how does the control compare or did you get enough time to really get a feel for that?
Once I got dialed into the balance and swing weight of the frame, control wasn't too much of an issue. One of the great things about the frame was shots that typically go long were falling in.
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