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Originally Posted by jean pierre View Post
I don't know what is a reputable source.

I only know that except Bud Collins and Tennis Magazine, the big majority of experts consider that Vilas was N1.
"But even though World Tennis magazine declared Vilas No. 1 for the year, most other authorities disagreed and bestowed that mythical honor on Borg.”
source: The Bud Collins History of Tennis An Authoritative Encyclopedia and Record Book

It was written by Patrice Dominguez and Christian Quidet, but I don't have their books at home. It was written by Eugene L. Scott (is he a reputable source ?) in "Tennis Experience" : "considered as the best player of the world in 1977, Vilas ...".
Bud Collins is a tennis historian unlike your sources. In other words: he is an authority on this subject unliike your sources.

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