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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
Are you happy with your current health and fitness level?

Why or why not.
Yes, and yes...I am...but that doesn't mean I don't intend to improve it (it being fitness...not health).
Why am I happy with my health ?? Because my latest blood analysis turned out perfect, the doctor said I was going to live 100 years (something about "good cholesterol numbers being unusually high...which is supposed to prevent cardiovascular issues and correlates with longevity"). I also don't have serious injuries or diseases (that I know of ) there's no reason not to be happy.

Why am I happy with my fitness?? Because my cardiovascular fitness is way above most people my age I see around here.
I could get stronger though...and I intend the last years I've limited myself to "playing sports" like tennis, football, table tennis...etc and some biking as all the physical activity I'm doing...and I feel there's a lot of room for improvement in the muscle/power building department....which I intend to work on this winter.
I'll never be a gym rat though... and also I don't care about isolation and how my muscles look, I'm all about function.
I prefer the more complex exercises...the "whole body workout approach" that enables usage of smaller stabilizing muscles as well as larger, more visible muscle groups.
If the function is as it should be...the "look" will follow. I'm in the camp that admires a "gymnast" type who can do anything with his own body much more than a "body builder/power lifter" type who can pump ridiculous amounts of weight in a gym and has bigger muscles...maybe more definition...etc.
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