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Originally Posted by chrischris View Post
So i take it you have the experience to tell him about tennis and rackets ?
I think you think that you think too highly of your tennis and rackets knowledge. Food for thought?
LOL... the funny thing about guys like him is that they tend to spew "knowledge", because they have no authority or accountability. Say just for $h!7s and giggles Roger decides to go ahead and switch, the following are the possible scenarios:

Wins - I told you so. I'm a genius, I am a tennis god... etc. etc. etc
Loses - "Well Roger needs time to adapt", or "He's getting old", or "The other players are getting into their peak".... blah blah blah, I think we'd all get the drift.

If racket head size is all it takes to be successful, then everyone on this board would be clamoring for big bubba's, and lobbying congress to force a change of tennis rules to allow for even bigger head sizes to be allowed in tournaments.

Fact of the matter is, there is not fact that "Federer would play better with a 95" racquet". Unless Federer is currently using 95" sq in head, in underground, untelevised, and and advertised, REAL matches, and blowing the likes of Novak, Andy, and Rafael away - even if in 20 years Roger says, "I should have switched to a bigger racket", even that is just an opinion and not a fact.
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