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Sounds like we're being green-lighted to boast a bit. ..Ok, so here goes:

For 48 I think I'm doing very very well... Probably near the top 3%.

Heart-rate: 46
BP: 128-70
HT: 6'
Wt: 184lbs., which hasn't changed since college

I love working out and do each of the following 2 x week (2-day split. ..Including other exercises of course)

2 sets of bench-press (bar touches chest, no bounce) w/ 185 lbs for 15 unassisted reps;
2 sets of squats w/ 225 lbs to true parallel for 12 unassisted reps.
2 sets of 18 chin-ups (just shy of full extension, which is bad for elbows)
2 sets of 30" box jumps for 15 reps.

Cardio-wise, using a treadmill, I do 2.5 miles in 30 minutes but break it down into maximum sprints for 2 mins., then 3-4 minutes of walking, then repeat. ..I do this twice-per-week.

..And of course lots of USTA league tennis; some singles, mostly men's and mixed doubles.

While not quite as strong as when I power-lifted in college, I'm much healthier overall and a far far better tennis player these days.

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