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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
Just wanted to add a couple of notes here based on some questions you all are asking:
  1. I didn't find any problems with control, although it did take some "getting used to".
  2. I would estimate the swing weight ot be in the 320's.
  3. the racquets spin comes from the 16X15 string pattern.
Lastly, I spoke with one of the engineers and asked if they tested durability of string compared to 16X19 or 18X20 string patterns. I was informed durability was a bit less, although I would guess depending on the string and tension, this could potentially be a problem if you don't use poly.
Hey Drak, Do you know how the 99S was strung? Do you know what string and tension range they are recommending?

Thanks for the review.
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