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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
If the USTA offered to let your child come and train for free would you let them go? I would have to say yes because of financial reasons. I would rather train full time with my daughters coach but financially my wife and i could not afford it. I know people talk bad about player development but if your child was given the chance to train there and everything was free would you say no?
Ga tennis,

Have you looked into the current coaches' situation at Boca? You probably saw the HP coach job posting on this board the other day.

I heard a couple of highly-ranked, pro-aspired juniors in our section who have got financial support from USTA to train with the current coaches, tournament fees, travel expense, etc. without moving to Boca. They have to play certain tourneys and occasionally go to Boca for training.
Your daughter just started to play USTA tourneys so might not be in that situation yet but it is worth exploring that alternate she can continue with HW.

If you choose for her to go full time at Boca, will you or your wife move to be with her so could see her daily or at least every weekend? At 10, she is too young to be by herself IMO. Besides...I'm sure you could not live more than a few days without seeing her hit tennis ball...
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