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Originally Posted by drewski711 View Post
I was going to go with Wilco but this past weekend I saw Branford Marsalis play for almost 2 hours solo in Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. The church has about a 6-7 second echo. Between the tunes he picked and the way he pointed his sax, the echo of the church became integral to the songs; certain notes seemed to just go on forever. Almost hypnotic but absolutely incredible
drewski711, that sounds wonderful - he's such a genius to begin with. That said, I'm not sure I'm following correctly, please help me out: when you said echo, did you mean echo as in a singular note repeating or "answering itself" after a 6-7 second delay or did it SUSTAIN (think of it as reverb) making that note "go on and on" for 6-7 seconds after first played? Thx.
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