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Originally Posted by realplayer View Post
I'm only using synthetic gut. How good is the steam 99s with this set-up? Durability is not an issue.
The 16x15 string pattern was chosen to reduce inter-string friction and allow the mains to stretch, slide and snapback with maximum energy and speed to put more spin on the ball. Strings that don't have slippery, hard surfaces don't do this in more conventional string patterns and probably won't do it in this string pattern either. Syngut quickly notches and "locks" up due to the sawing action of the crosses on the soft-surfaced mains, and that will probably happen in a 16x15 pattern too.

This string pattern was designed for slippery, hard copoly strings, although gut mains/copoly crosses should also work (although the reduced number of cross strings means the stringbed will be less stiff that usual, and a player would probably want to increase the tension of both the gut mains and the copoly crosses with this pattern.)
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