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Default Power Between Different Racquets

Hey all,

So I was doing a very in-depth comparison last night between my Speedport Black and the new Head Extreme Pro 2 that I purchased last week. The Head is by far and away the better volleying racquet. It's not even close. And i'll even give it the edge on two handed backhand. However, when it comes to Serves and forehands, the Black absolutely can't be touched in terms of the pace i'm putting on the ball. My friend even commented how he can't handle my forehands at the net from the SPB. No matter how hard I hit with the Head, I cannot generate the same amount of power on my forehead. It's like the SPB is a turbo-powered, trampoline launching machine.

Now, i'm thinking in my head that it's going to be impossible to make the Head generate the same pace on the forehand/serve while maintaining the other qualities I like. However, I could be wrong. Could it be as simple as dropping tension on the poly I use another couple of pounds?

Can anyone comment on on experiencing something like this with different racquets and what you did, if anything?

Prince Speedport Black with Gosen Polyquest 17 @ 61 lbs (4.5 USTA)
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