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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Ha, that is always the kicker arche. When they get better than you and have to start taking it easy on you!

Whats the dynamic like with the academy parents now that your son is beating theirs?
Well some of them are cool. But a couple parents had their kid go to a different coach now. They always bragged about how this place is one of the only usta high performance centers in the area. Blah blah the usual.
This past Sunday one of the kids had a melt down and broke his racket and started crying. He is 11 as well. He missed 3 fhs in a row and lost it. Was saying he has a practice match later so this match with my son doesn't count. While my kid was blasting balls and basically having fun. The other kids dad had to stop the match because the kid was so distraught. My son would never get upset over a tennis match.

I always told my kid to play and hit your balls. no pushing. They will one day all go in. The academy kids all hit the same ball. A moderately paced top spin ball. It just so happens to bounce right into my sons wheelhouse and he just crushes it. Over and over. Hitting on the rise and driving the ball down into the court. His fh is actually harder than mine now. He hits with a straight arm and I have a slight bend. So he gets a lot of leverage. With sidespin even lol. Its really developed into a weapon. I certainly think my kid can play tennis for a college team when the time comes. But he is more into football now.
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