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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I dunno....
I watch and talk to player's at Hellman Courts, UCBerkeley. Even the very top singles players practice only for 2 hours. Maybe during off season they'll practice longer, but not 4 hours straight. The can hit and giggle tennis for 4 hours, but not play or practice that long.
I dunno- you watch a college singles practice for 2 hours and make deductions based on that? I don't know if you are trolling or are completely daft. The fact they practice for 2 hours doesn't mean they could hit for 4 hours if they wanted to. A lot of people that age (and older) are capable of playing 4 hours. Haven't you ever had to play two tournament matches in one day? Heck I played 3 tennis matches at a tournament in one day 2 singles and one doubles for a total of 6 hours+ of tennis.

With all of your "I remember playing A/Open tournaments back in the day with player blah, blah blah and I am good friends with Harold Solomon but I don't respect his game talk." I thought 4 hours would be nothing for you. Dude you are the motorcross/surf legend of TT that also led his varsity basketball team in rebounding at 5'5", don't let me down with 4 hours is too much tennis!
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