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Originally Posted by retrowagen View Post
The 300i came out in 1986; same mould as the 200g, but with Noryl GTX in the layup to make it a little bit stiffer than the 200g.

I've never seen a 300i Pro myself - I wonder if it was for a particular regional market.

Nice racquet! Enjoy it!!
Maybe... but also the 200g pro "graphite injection" is rather rare and it came out in the same period... I think that Dunlop put in the (European only?) market small lots of these 200g and 300i pros. Since the 200g was much more popular than the 300i, probably there were more 200g pro around than 300i pro...
In the end, it is just a matter of cosmetics...standard and pro frames are the same.
In Italy, where i bought this 300i pro, at that time the shops sold "standard" 300i for the most part.
The guy who sold me this one had no idea of the racquet neither of its history, it was of his father and was used only once.
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