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Originally Posted by max View Post
I have seen one of these years back. .. was using the 200g at the time. It would be neat to hear how you like it. How much did it cost? Are they considered more "rare" than the 200g?
Although the guy who sold me this racquet had no idea of tennis racquets (in general) it was not that cheap...since it is new (used only once) I paid it 80 + ss...

I'm not going to play with it...first the gripsize is very small (L2), second I have some more "lived" 300i to occasionally play with.

300is play great as any Dunlop IMF frame. It is a stiffer 200g basically. Very precise, the tight string pattern (18x20 in 85sqi) gives you tons of control and the dynamic stiffness reasonable power if you prepare early. It is not an easy racquet for today play, however... the 400i, 500i and 800i have more modern felling (and open string pattern which helps a lot...its incredible the ball speed you can generate with a 400i for example...bombs!! Never produced a heavier flat service in my life, with any today racquet...)
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