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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
All it would take for U.S. tennis to become a tennis hothead is for some young guy with a great story to win a grand slam.It would be ideal fo him to be African American and cocky and have a lot a swag about himself. This would make tennis cool to some of those unreal athletes that end up playing point guard in the N.B.A.. If tennis was cool to those kids the U.S would DOMINATE!!!!
...still would require public/private tennis professional partnership to foster total development. For example, private tennis biz (club/academy) need to be willing to help bridge development from parks that may have the nontraditional tennis athletes.

Personally, if this sort of partnering would have occurred after Ashe won Wimbledon we would still be dominating tennis or at least more in the global mix at the top. All court play would compete with grinder play, contrast would be awesome and tennis would be even bigger. No use crying over spilt milk. Can still do now. Question is do clubs have taste for such sacrifice?

Big shout out to San Francisco Tennis Club and Claremont Resort and Spa in the Bay Area. Both stepping up bigtime.
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