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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Your similies don't apply when you add the human factor. It only works in your mathbook PC.
A real opponent, seeing you don't go DTL after 3 shots, camps there, daring you to hit DTL and change the path of the incoming ball.
If I see you limping in warmups, I'll be sure to dropshot/lob you.
If I see you hate slice shots, I'll slice you every time.
If I see your first serve heater goes on side only, I'll camp there.
Human's play tennis, not mathematicians.
for the sake of the arguement, i m commited to CC. i will not change directions.

there is another problem. the wider my fh , the more he can step into the court and crank a winner. on the other hand, the wider my fh, the more his dtl fh will be angled into the court.
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