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I think we are all correct but our contexts are different. IMO everything depends on what level you are.

3.0 hit cross court you win because you have less errors
3.5 hit cross court you win if opponent keeps trying crazy dtl winners or can't hit a shot on the run
4.0 hit cross court to play it safe but you better have another game plan. as its only half of a plan.
4.5 at this point strategy should be dynamic, a solid 4.5 player sees his opponents strategy of A is working, player then forumlates counter strategy B, opponent then has Strategy C to counter players strategy C. I'm not talking about during a rally but it could be a few points till i realize hey this guy keeps running around backhand i'm gonna hit him some short angle backhands, lets see him round around that. He counters by hitting more balls to down middle toward my forehand to take away my short angle shots, etc
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