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I'm a fan of the Sidewinder. Glad TW is finally carrying it in reels. Not the cheapest poly, but in my opinion it's worth it for my game. My previous setup was BHBR, which has a lot of the same qualities of Sidewinder in my opinion, but was just too brittle and lacked elasticity. I'm getting close to twice as many hours out of the Sidewinder and feel it suits my game even better than BHBR did.

Wouldn't hurt to pick up a set to see if you like it. The cost per set really comes down if you get it in a reel. I can easily get 18 sets out of a reel, and at $155 it's about $8.60 per set versus $13.50. Even better if you consider the 2 for 1 deal TW currently has on the Sidewinder reels.
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