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Default nice bikes

Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
1983 was my last year, I qualified for the Sat. Oakland SuperCross, and in my first race, crashed at the 3rd turn, knocking me out of any chance to go further or go into Sunday.
1978, while still playing Open level tennis, bought my bud's '77 YZ 125.
1979, bought DuaneJoice's YZ-250. He was top 5 ExpertPro in District 36, NorCal.
'79, bought new KX-125 air cooler.
'80, bought new KX-125 air cooler.
'80, bought used '79 Husky 390.
'80, bought new KX-250 air cooler.
'80 traded Husky for early model YZ-490.
'81 bought new KX-420.
'82, bought new RM-125 water cooler.
'82, bought used RM-250 air cooler.
'83, bought new RM-250 watercooler. Quit riding summer of '83, after greenstick ulnar (left forearm) in a CMC Expert 250 race at LakeMadera.
I was never a runner. I jumped long jump for junior high, then played basketball and football 3 years thru high school.....and entered 9 roadraces thru AFM, winning 3rd place overall in 1966's 250 Production class with a year old YDS-3C with DunlopTriangulars, cut baffle, richer jetting, no air box, cut slide, thinner head gasket, trimmed pistons, Thruxton handlebars, and raised footpegs. I crashed in 4 of the races, my history thoughout everything I've ever done.
Very cool bikes u had!! I also rode my friends 1982 kx 125 but my 83 125 yz was a better bike. All my bikes I bought used from dads who bought their son a bike with too much power. So all my used bikes I bought were almost new. Never got to ride any bikes from the 70's were they good to ride compared to the 80's bikes? I did ride a 1980 rm 100 but that's the oldest bike I ridden.
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