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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
So basically, you're saying your post about your 4 hours is worthless, and contributes nothing to this thread because it's not applicable.
We were talking practice, not standing around, breathing on the courts while eating donuts and cupcakes.
No it is not worthless. The OP asked how would you rate your fitness level. I said I was able to play 4 hours of singles which is not trivial but a gauge of how much I was able to do and what I can do now. Playing 4 hours+ of tournament tennis is not sitting around eating cupcakes unless that is what you did in your supposed glory days.

Actually your post is worthless because you contributed nothing to the ORIGINAL question. Instead you go off on your usual tangent about high level players and sprinkled in with how you somehow were associated with them. Why don't go on about how YOUR current fitness level is going and answer the original question?
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