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Default USTA/ITA Regional Championships

USTA/ITA Regional Championships Home page. This link has most of the draws added so I won't put anymore below.

Southeast - hosted by Florida State University, Oct. 18-22. Teams Include FSU, Miami, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, USF, UNF, FGCU and more.
Host Site, Qualifying Draw, Main Draw

Southern, hosted by Auburn University, Oct. 18-22. Teams include Auburn, Alabama, Ole Miss, Miss State, LSU and more.
Host Site. Draws posted tonight.

Southwest - hosted by UC Irvine, Oct. 19-22. Teams include USC, UCLA, Pepperdine, UCI, UCSB, Cal-Poly, SDSU, Arizona, and more.
Draw page.

Mid-West, hosted by Michigan State, Oct. 18-22. Teams include Mich State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio St, Illinois, Northwestern and more.
Host Page, Singles Draw.

Northwest - hosted by Saint Mary's College (CA), Oct. 19-23
Mountain, Darling Tennis Center in Las Vegas, Oct. 17-21.
Texas, hosted by TCU, Oct. 20-23
Central, hosted by University of Minnesota, Oct. 18-22
Northeast, hosted by Yale, Oct. 18-23
Ohio Valley, hosted by Memphis, Oct. 18-22
Atlantic, hosted by Virginia, Oct. 18-22
Carolina, Cary Tennis Center, Oct. 18-22 - Singles draw

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