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Originally Posted by pushing_wins View Post
ever do the drill - one person always hit cc, other hits always dtl

the guy hitting dtl is running 2x the distance

hitting in the same direction and trajectory is easier
inside out is more powerful than inside in

changing direction - whats more difficult? off DTL or CC
I think going CC most of the time is a good strategy. my coaches told it to me all the time.

however this is not an absolute. it just means you should hit more CC than DTL shots. hitting CC is no magical strategy, a good player has to do more. at the lower levels hitting CC till you get a short ball and then attack might work but the higher you get the more DTL shots you will hit.

the CC is like a fastball in pitching. it is the bread and butter pitch but you have to change it up often enough.

Even pros hit 60-70% of their shots CC as this is a good option in most cases but the higher you get the more DTL shots you will see (for example fed and novak hit a lot more DTL than average tour players-because they can).

what is bad is hitting DTL without a purpose. if you don't know what to do with the ball probably hit it CC. A DTL should be a forcing shot.

however against a good opponent a simple blueprint like this won't work because he will camp there and use that to his advantage. remember he can also counter angle you if you CC him all the time.

at the lower levels execution is much more important than anything else but as you get higher you need deception. If a good player knows what is coming he will crush it no matter how hard you hit it.
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