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Moving the doubles movement topic here.
Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
I guess it's like parking the car. I like smaller targets. Give me a wide open parking lot and I get confused on where to go. Drives my wife crazy

Anyway, this is much better answered in video form. Sorry it's blurrier than usual. The attempts at IO forehands are in the 2nd half.

Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
I hope that's not you at net backing up more into no-mans land with each shot exchange

Looks to me like you don't get around in good position for a I/O.
Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Sometimes, when I play WITH a weak hitting, but consistent partner, I'll back up to behind center of service box to DARE the opponent's to hit to me.
My partner's puff balls that land at the service line are no incentive for me to poach, since I'd have to leave pretty early, exposing my alley. Most players at 4.0 have no problems keeping such sitters well wide of the center tape, and I get bored just standing useless in place.
Also, when the opposinig team is T ing off on my partner's shots, I'll either make a late poach or take 2 steps back and take a nap.
Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
As Lee said, I guess there are reasons to do it at times.
I just always wonder why guys start in there if they are just going to backup
as the play progresses. I don't think you can volley as well moving back.
Why not just start further back?, not the point of the vid
I'll stop
Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
No no, let's continue.
If your partner is pooping back sitters over and over, there comes a point when it's worthless to stand in, so you might as well concede the point.
Standing at center of service line makes you a huge easy target.
At least when you stand ON the service line, you have a chance to get a lucky reflex blocking shot to, hopefully, neutralize the point.
Question of opponent hitting offensive shots, your partner barely defending with weak crap, so what are you going to do?
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