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Originally Posted by mdqm View Post
Hey mi amigo,the best thread I've seen, thank you very much for sharing it with us.
by the way,i have a lot room around here,if you need space in you apt i'm will be very happy to keep one of your stringer for a couple of month.
big hugs my friend,see you soon
magic man, thanks for your thoughts and glad you enjoyed the read. I'll tell you all about it when I see you next week.

Originally Posted by mike84 View Post
Don't visit this section often but wow what a great post.

Amazingly insightful thread.


You should get your own separate section on tt.
Thank you. Much appreciated.

Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
drakulie: first of all: thanks for sharing and providing insight into the world of a professional stringing. very cool!

since you own a star 4 and 2 baiardos...if you were to string two of the same racquets, one on the star 4 and the other on the baiardo at the same reference tension using the same string, technique and stringing pattern, would the racquets have the same ERT readings? if not, how much difference have you measured? (assuming you've tried this before)
mad dog, thanks for the question. Although I have never done a direct test of stringing a racquet on the wilson, and another on the babolat immediately afterwards to compare results, I will note the following:

Every racquet I string, I keep a running log of tension, string, pattern, ERT and SBD immediately after taking the racquet off the machine. I have noticed that most times, the ERT and SBD are nearly identical regardless of machine.
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