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Exclamation Update on Boris Becker/ Volkl

As we have discussed before, Volkl and thankfully boris becker is going to continue! found out from my source today.

apparently the whole deal with epic international was one huge mess. now that they are under samsung, everything will be more stable, with sound financial backing. so good for volkl!

they are coming out with brand new frames for 2013. unfortunately no new ones for becker. the new volkl speed team looks sweet though! should be a good seller. new strings and new grips too.

but whats most interesting is how it came about. apparently mr Lim who lives in nj has a son that signed up for tennis class a little while back. after playing the son fell in love with the sport. so mr Lim of samsung one day said "hmmm why dont i acquire a high performance tennis company for my son as a gift"!!!! and voila!

oh and organix tech is going to stay

(by the way samsung has something like 33% of s korea's GDP)
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