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Originally Posted by Pro_Tour_630 View Post
Let me guess tennis 5 will give privileges to her son, tcf to his daughter , aloha to his daughter and hey don't forget about me your pain in the butt pal at TT, throw in some coins for me, wink wink

Is reminds me of my post to TCF many years ago
You misunderstood what i (& i suppose what tennis 5) was suggesting. What i am saying is:

1- Shut down USTA Junior Dev. Sell everything at auction.

2- Fire everyone with USTA Junior Development. (from P-Mac on down).

3- Keep Tennislink, Tournaments & Ranking System.

We'd have the same number of Top Ten players from Jr. Dev. with -0- dollars spent each year as we've gotten the past 15 years under the past 2 regimes.

But.....If we (or they) wanted to spend money on Junior Dev., then get a few smart people (maybe you & me? or people alot smarter than us) to come up with a SYSTEM to hand out the dough directly to the kids. We don't pick out the players.....the system that we create (or the computer) would. (just like it currently picks the players for an L1 or for star rankings on TRN).

You might think a player who is a 14 y/o blue chip & who is top 50 nationally (USTA) should get 2k per month (for training, lessons, travel etc.) & I might think he should get 1.5K per month. Whatever. But we're not picking the players, we're coming up with a system which will determine what a player (at a particular level & age) would get.

If the "commitee" or you & me....decides to hold some money back for financial need kids (or late blooming athletic freaks), that would be ok by me...or not.

My point is.....just shut down the failed Junior Dev. system & send the dough to the kids. You (or tennishacker or whoever) can decide how much the kids in each level & age group get with the Tens of Millions saved by shutting down P-Mac's feifdom. Let the kids (& parents) who have been identified by ranking & or stars..... decide how to get the most (best) tennis training for the money.

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