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just posting some good words for TW and their handling of shoe returns. My wife wore hers out (asics gr4) in a few months. I emailed a pic, they said it looks like they qualify. I send them in and in a few very short days, shes got a new pair.
My gr4's that I bought locally - wore through the sole. Took them in, they said they will send to asics for me, but cant replace them until they get approval and such from asics. its been about 2 weeks now. Im sure they will replace (its a hole in the sole) but the turn around doesnt seem too great compared to TW. (days vs weeks now). TW basically did an instant swap, whereas at my local store, I ended up buying a pair of nike breathe 2k12 ($89) to wear while they return the asics.

wife bought a new pair of gr4s to use while hers were being swapped. so she wearing her local store bought ones (which have a warranty) and the new TW asics are in the closet. I assume she will wear out the store boughts and when they go back, she can use the new TW asics.

Anyways, seems like a lot of hoopla for shoes...but TW sure was great to deal with and handled the swap very quick/efficient.

its my understanding that the new warranty replaced shoes dont have a warranty, so she is not missing anything by letting them sit in the closet a few months while she wears out the other ones she bought (that are under warranty).
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