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Originally Posted by harryz View Post
And are you using leather, overwrap, and/or dampener to get to 12.83oz? I'm going to use leather and tournagrips on mine and may try some lead, but want to be careful with weight as well as I really like the frame stock...

Becker leather grip with overgrip

lead in most places. A majority of it is in the butcap but also under the leather grip at 5 inches. on the hoop there is a little bit everywhere at 12, 3, 9, 10 and 2. More at 9 and 3 than anywhere else on the hoop. Id say there is 5-8 times as much lead in the handle as there is on the hoop. Im in good shape (an athletic 220), I bike and do dumbells... moving around the court faster than I ever have.

I hit with my Backup YTPMP which weighs a mere 12.25 and it felt like a whippy lil toy version of this beast version.
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