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Originally Posted by goober View Post
Who is thread directed at? College and elite level junior players? I would say that 99% posting on this forum are neither. We are talking about adult club players who don't have intense practice sessions.

Yes I agree that 4 hours of intense practice was a lot. I never claimed I was doing that. Did I say I was engaging in intense practices? LeeD is his usual self goes off on some tangent and threw that in there on his own, I simply said I have played 4 hours of singles in a day and I never said I did it regularly.

Anybody who plays tournaments will often have to play 4 hours in a day because you have to often play 2 matches in day. It is common and not that big of deal if you are in decent shape. Geez all this talk about Nadal only practicing 2 hours and D1 players only practicing 2 hours and some rec player claims to play 4 hours of singles in one day throws your panties into a bunch. is common (actually required) around here to play 2 matches a day for tournaments. The draws are usually 32 (sometimes...rarely...48 with favorites moving into the second round directly...sometimes 64).
Tournaments start on Fridays...and end on Sundays. When draws are 64 or bigger they usually start on Thursdays and/or finish on Mondays.
Anyway...common thing is a 32 draw starting bye for anybody.
Friday you play one match, Saturday 2 matches, and Sunday (the finalists) get to play another 2.
So you have to win 5 matches in 3 days to win the whole thing. That's how pretty much every tournament around here goes.

Originally Posted by goober View Post
No it is not worthless. The OP asked how would you rate your fitness level. I said I was able to play 4 hours of singles which is not trivial but a gauge of how much I was able to do and what I can do now. Playing 4 hours+ of tournament tennis is not sitting around eating cupcakes unless that is what you did in your supposed glory days.

Actually your post is worthless because you contributed nothing to the ORIGINAL question. Instead you go off on your usual tangent about high level players and sprinkled in with how you somehow were associated with them. Why don't go on about how YOUR current fitness level is going and answer the original question?
Don't worry, those among us with little gray cells that are still alive "get it". I think your posts were very much on topic and very sensible .

Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
So basically, you're saying your post about your 4 hours is worthless, and contributes nothing to this thread because it's not applicable.
We were talking practice, not standing around, breathing on the courts while eating donuts and cupcakes.
Hmmmm, I actually think your very detailed posts about what bikes you used are the ones. Also your posts about how far you could throw a football in highschool or how you climbed walls in 1963 are the off topic ones as far as I'm concerned.
As far as I understand it...ON TOPIC is to discuss CURRENT (i.e. the present day) fitness level, and whether or not we are happy with this level.
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