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Big thing for me would be to see if you can truly flatten the ball out during a kill-shot type of putaway. Drak said you could, but I'd need more proof from more people.. just hard to believe that you'd be able to do anything other than spin it into a corner rather than drive it there.. Also, the slice. That's the other shot that would seem difficult, as others have noted, so as for requests, mine would be just to really try to hit drives and slices and see if they're doable on a regular basis with such a crazy open pattern.
As long as your strings aren't too loose the slice should be fine. Strings that slide and snapback readily tend to launch the ball on a higher trajectory on topspin shots. But because the strings snap back in a different direction on slice shots, towards the court, the ball will leave the strings on a lower trajectory. This may take some slight adjustment, but once dialed in slices should be naturally low and nasty.
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