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holy crap! nice improvement! I think I actually saw some sidespin in there! very nice. RHS took a nice a jump up too. and i/o fhs!
Damn. I'm good.

Ok, I know you feel good now and think you don't have to improve anymore but... gotta keep going. you still have more potential

Good energy with the footwork but I say take 15-20% of that increased energy and put it into a better leg load. You are loading better but it's still a little loose. Often you load but then you unload it before the swing and hit off of your left foot. This makes you arm it more. You don't need to have a huge explosion off of your right leg where you're flying off the ground like a Fed highlight vid. Just a correct load and a decent push will do if it's loaded right and timing is right. It's all timing.

So get MORE weight on your right and get a nice CONTROLLED, nicely timed push off of it. Take a big step.

Watch this short vid. Note the part where he talks about how rafa loads. Just a big step and then a push. No need to rush it. rushing makes things tense.

Swing path is starting to look good now. Try to work on making the arm even looser. It's better but I can see you're still using the arm muscles a little too much for the rhs and there could definitely be more racquet flip at the ptd stage although i can see it's starting to take shape now.
A good leg push and a looser arm will still give you more rhs and more spin and power. If you can get your arm looser you will also get more radial / ulnar deviation for more spin naturally w/o effort.

I see that you are swinging out to the right now. That looks way better don't you think? Looks much more mechanically correct.

A good tip you should try is to hold the racquet quite a bit looser than you are now. A looser grip will make your arm looser. You don't have to make it tight on contact. Don't worry about that. It takes care of itself. I hold my racquet really really loose.

It also looks like you actually have topspin now. Pretty cool.

Remember to hit the inside of the ball on your i/o fh's. you did it sometimes but sometimes not. you want the i/o's to curve away. Your first few were pretty good. had sidespin.

You hit a lot of good shots in those vids. That's the first time I've seen you hit where you were driving the energy into the ball like I kept saying. None of that fading to the left stuff. nice.

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