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Originally Posted by goober View Post
Who is thread directed at? College and elite level junior players? I would say that 99% posting on this forum are neither. We are talking about adult club players who don't have intense practice sessions.

Yes I agree that 4 hours of intense practice was a lot. I never claimed I was doing that. Did I say I was engaging in intense practices? LeeD is his usual self goes off on some tangent and threw that in there on his own, I simply said I have played 4 hours of singles in a day and I never said I did it regularly.

Anybody who plays tournaments will often have to play 4 hours in a day because you have to often play 2 matches in day. It is common and not that big of deal if you are in decent shape. Geez all this talk about Nadal only practicing 2 hours and D1 players only practicing 2 hours and some rec player claims to play 4 hours of singles in one day throws your panties into a bunch.
I guess I misinterpreted. Thought you were claiming to be training 4 hours per day, like a junior or full time pro. Was going to follow up with questions about your injury history.

I see your point. I could play a couple singles matches and a doubles match in a day, if need be, as well. But that would be a lot and I'd take a couple days off after a 2-draw tournament weekend.
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