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Originally Posted by Roforot View Post
Which short balls shouldn't be attacked? If you don't attack them what do you do w/ the ball?
To answer the first question...any ball that you don't get to in good shape, for a
good contact point on balance. Also any ball short that may come to an area where
you don't have the attack shot to make good things happen. Example- sort of wide to the
Bh side. It could be a high, soft, shorter ball, but if your Bh is not up to putting
on some good pressure thru slice or TS, you are better off not going for a full

What are non-attack options? I call them in shooting pool when you
don't have a good option. When you play a safe, you put them where you want
them and give yourself time to recover. for example with the Bh situation above-
you might just loop up a high TS roller to their weaker Bh. This can buy you time
to recover and keep them from counter attacking. Also this is a good time to
use depth if you have that skill to place one. This is also a great time to place one
at their weakness and maybe they won't be as smart as you, and they may attack
even though they don't have that shot...because they think ANY shorter ball
must be attacked,
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