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Originally Posted by corners View Post
Yeah, someone mentioned in a recent thread that Prince already has the 16x16 100 square inch "Exo3 Tour ESP" in the hands of some top juniors. As Drak experienced, removing cross strings from the pattern reduces stringbed stiffness considerably, so I would imagine the ESP is a significantly stiffer frame than the regular Tour but still probably retains the soft feel the line is known for.
I used that stick in a rather open pattern (16x19) and I found that it was a great racquet for moving the ball around, but normal winners were tracked down.

Like Gads is saying, I have used pretty open patterns in the tfight 320 and yonex 200, and while they are both amazing sticks, my strokes produced "too much spin" many times and those types of balls never gave a player higher than 4.0 much of an issue. Now thats just on me and how I hit, I have always generated a lot of spin off my forehand. I just notice with a little tighter pattern in the BLX Blade, that my attacking shots are more often clean winners than before. Adding in this stiffness factor of the racquet I question if that much spin would really help my game personally.
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