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Originally Posted by drewski711 View Post
I was one of the biggest Lance fans- watched the tour every year he won, rooted like crazy for the Postal guys and even made a trip to Austin to ride in one of the first Ride for the Roses events he did in the early years of Livestrong. I distinctly remember crying on an airplane while reading "It's not about the bike" and being so moved by the story. Having said that, in the last 2-3 years, it's become more clear that Lance, like all the other cyclists in his generation, used PEDs. I don't think this makes him a bad guy by default; I still really admire Andreu, Hincapie, Landis, DZ and many of the other cyclists on the team and I'm glad to see the came clean (albeit it under duress). The recent essays from Jonathan Vaughters and Levi in the NY times and Wall Street Journal respectively really put into perspective the pressure cyclists were under to cheat the system. I love the attacks they are now under for in essence testifying to a plea bargain. If we decide to get rid of that system, our whole judicial system is going to grind to a halt

I am getting tired of the Lance Fan Boys saying USADA was on a "witch hunt." Their job is to investigate and go after athletes suspected of using PEDs. If they don't do it, who will? At least right now, the current rules ban PEDs and we get all ****ed off when one of OUR athletes loses to someone who has used PEDs (e.g. Beckie Scott in Olympic XC skiing). USADA has the same role with athletes that the SEC has with Wall Street or the FBI has with criminals; they are there to police things and try to ensure a level playing field. It's likely not a fun job but we, as fans, still want them to do it, right?
Excellent, thoughtful post! I agree in every point. I think Lance has to realize at some point that the only way he will save himself from being an absolute pariah in American society is to come forward with a tearful apology to all of us.

I can hardly imagine an egomaniac like Lance having the mettle to do that.
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