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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
Isn't that the situation now ? $1M annually for a TV announcer acting as part time director ? Seriously, can it be worse ?

There is a system in place to identify kids now, just give them a scholarships to an accredited academy of their choosing instead of a USTA academy. Means test it if you like, if parent got $$$ they have to pay some of it, if not they get a full ride.

If the academies screw up or don't produce they lose their accreditation.
I wouldn't have a huge problem this.....BUT some kids don't need or want (or live near) an "approved" academy.

They might use the dough to get 2 lessons a week from the 2012 equivilent to a Landsdorp, 3-4 days a week at a fitness center, a couple of drop in drills at the local college, entry fees into mens tournaments & travel expenses to National (or international) tournaments. (Since they might be playing every 3 out of 5 weekends).

Again, i say send the kids the $$. If their "pathway" doesn't result in higher results as they age, it'll only cost them.

But if they want to use every penny to offset a super academy expense....then that's OK too. If their "pathway" doesn't deliver, they start getting less $$ (or no money) .

Oh.....& maybe save a few bucks to invest more funds for Futures Tour players (here in the States), so those following the dream have a little bit easier time of it. Heck.....send them Hampton/Fairfield or Subway vouchers.
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