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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Are you saying that a racket which can produce more spin will produce less pace as a trade-off? Or are you saying that the player will try to produce more spin since the racket can do it, and will end up putting less pace?
Are you asking me? Regardless I can try and answer. It is tricky because everyone hits differently.

I believe some players will get less pace and penetration from this racquet. Most likely I will be that guy. That being said the racquet is rated very stiff so the power is probably high and it could balance things out. It's a tough call, but this is just my experience with racquets that are more open. I have tried a billion racquets and there is no perfect setup, but it seems like I benefit more from a little more of a tight pattern and more control. It results in a little lower trajectory and more pace.

This is all just speculation. Until more people get the stick in their hands, we will have to wait and see. Drak has definitely made it sound like this racquet is the best release of the year though and since I know he prefers more classic sticks, I find it very interesting.
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