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Originally Posted by hound 109 View Post
I wouldn't have a huge problem this.....BUT some kids don't need or want (or live near) an "approved" academy.

They might use the dough to get 2 lessons a week from the 2012 equivilent to a Landsdorp, 3-4 days a week at a fitness center, a couple of drop in drills at the local college, entry fees into mens tournaments & travel expenses to National (or international) tournaments. (Since they might be playing every 3 out of 5 weekends).

Again, i say send the kids the $$. If their "pathway" doesn't result in higher results as they age, it'll only cost them.

But if they want to use every penny to offset a super academy expense....then that's OK too. If their "pathway" doesn't deliver, they start getting less $$ (or no money) .

Oh.....& maybe save a few bucks to invest more funds for Futures Tour players (here in the States), so those following the dream have a little bit easier time of it. Heck.....send them Hampton/Fairfield or Subway vouchers.
^^^ is the biggest problem.

We have good juniors, but once their out of the juniors, they disappear in the challengers and futures.

Just not enough tournaments, money for them to reach ATP & WTA tour.
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