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If it turned out that Federer (and only Federer) was doping, I'd lose 100% respect to him and at the same time appreciate every other member of the top 10 (especially Nadal).

But if the test showed that everyone in the top 10 (or generally at the top - mostly the top 4) where dopers, I'd consider stepping away from watching tennis.
Doping has been widespread in practically all sports for years. I dont believe tennis players use as many drugs as say a weightlifter or track athlete as there would be drawbacks to being too big or muscular, but I do believe the majority use some form like most sports today. I dont fault the athletes, I fault the incompetent chemists on the good side who cant keep up with the bad chemists. Maybe if sports got some smarter people and better scientists working for the good guys the doping problem in sports could be eradicated.
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