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Originally Posted by librarysteg View Post
Aside from tennis, I'm not much of a sports fan so I don't follow any of this anywhere else. What are the big arguments against just allowing some of these drugs? Obviously steroids have long term health risks, but it sounds like some of the newer methods don't and an argument could be made in favor of allowing them as part of whatever health regimens are in place with diets, vitamins, etc. In a perfect world I wouldn't want this, but if it's what most people are doing maybe it's better to bring it out of the closet and reconsider some of the regulations.
well I'd suspect the major reason is many of these new 'designer' PEDs are new and while they seem like they're safer than your hardcore anabolic steroids no one really knows. I mean allergy medication like Seldane(sp?) was though to be safe too and later discovered to lead to heart trouble. So if the ATP allowed a substance to be used and it turned out later not to be safe - hello lawsuits for negligence. That said, there's always some hypocrisy with this stuff as a basic cortisone shot is a performance enhancer, and I'm not sure how prevalent they are in tennis, but in most sports they are and widely deemed perfectly fine.
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