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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
Why exactly are Liverpool thinking they are in a unique position
Borini has been disappointing so far and wont be misssed. Pool fans would like to see youngsters like Yesil, Suso and Morgan get their chances; and if miraculously one of them starts scoring, will relieve the work load Suarez has been carrying.

Be interesting to see what BR does with Carroll, recall him in Jan or go with the youngsters? If recall, Carroll's permanent move to the hammers will be in doubt and LFC would not be able to recoup the $ they spend on him. If BR decides to play youngsters and not recall Carroll, the risk of them not performing to par will escalate the fear of Suarez being injured in the second half of the season....What a frigging mess we got ourselves into by not securing another striker in August.

Sturridge on loan? Highly highly doubtful unless we get rid of Joke Hole, rumored to be about 60 pounds/week.

What a mess.......

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