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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
See Doc.
Pain is pretty general. Is it a knot? Is it burning pain? Is it sharp pain?
Is it deep? Does it correlate with movement? Where is it. Shoulder blade can be a 16" diameter area.
I had a knot just below my right shoulder blade for 5 months, almost debilitating me. Cure was the first day of surfing, pushing thru head high waves, and it hasn't come back now in 15 years.
Thank you LeeD.

It is more like a knot. It is a dull pain which starts when I sit for extended periods of time and it also starts when I rotate my body (hitting forehands kinda motion). Pain is only in the left shoulder blade just below the blade. It has not gotten any better for about two years.

I have tried everything and everyone ortho, phy therapist, primary care, x rays, mri, chiro....everything.

Very frustrating.
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