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Originally Posted by jim e View Post
Since you have a machine to use presently, I would make use of this time that you have with your friends machine, and send the tension head of your machine out asap to get it serviced so you will not be having your friends machine tied up with you for a long time.You are lucky to have someone to loan you a machine.
Since it has been 2 weeks already and you still have issues, why wait any longer to resolve the issue?Just send it out for service unless you plan on purchasing another machine or your friend does not mind you keeping his, but thats just taking advantage of his thoughtfulness.
jim e, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. common sense would dictate this is the action to take. but i think NJ1's post might be applicable here.

Originally Posted by NJ1 View Post
Common sense? We're talking about Talk Tennis posters here.
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