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Originally Posted by wy2sl0 View Post

lol ridiculous half-volleys with pace in 25 mph winds.

Despite the bad record, Fed played better than he ever has against Nadal. Doing everything Djokovic did to exploit him; hit the ball on the rise, hit it deep, and give Rafa his own medicine (exploit the backhand weakness)

Why did it take him 8 years to figure this out? I hope he watches tape back before AO 2013.

I swear it's like some of you people just started watching tennis yesterday. People have ALWAYS gone after Nadal's backhand. Always. ******* did not discover a thing that Nalby and Davy didn't figure out years ago.

And I highly doubt a player as good as Fed would take 8 years to figure out to hit to Nadal's backhand. That is just sheer lunacy.

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