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Originally Posted by namelessone View Post
True and I think it's because Fed or his camp saw that Nadal's BH has become increasingly vulnerable. It hasn't been a weapon for Nadal since say, late 2010. He seems to arrive late many times on that side and simply pushes the ball back instead of pounding it(at times) like he did in the past. Also, I noticed that in their 2012 matches(but not only) Federer didn't get passed as often when attacking Nadal on his BH side like in the past even though he still ate some FH passers.

The reason why Nadal was so tough a couple of years ago is that he could pass with regularity from both sides.
Yes his backhand does seem to get weaker now. I think Rafa does really hate flat balls to his FH, see the Rosol match, when he want huge to the Rafa FH he had no answer.
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