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Originally Posted by FloridaAG View Post
There were plenty of people who suspected him and felt there was no way he was clean. Read some of the cycling news sites - he used the carrot and stick method to generate wide spread media support and the fanboys and girls refused to ever doubt him and always bougt into his "most tested athlete" garbage. I always knew he was dirty. Which as others have said, would not have been such a big deal as the others were all also dirty if he was not so sanctimoneous and mean spirited as to those that questioned him. Just ask the Andreus
Yeah, I know French media was hot on his trails all these years. But the US media tried to spin that into the French being po'ed about an American winning their event and fed into Lance's BS. Where there's so much smoke, there's gotta be fire, I always thought. We threw Landis overboard so quickly yet even today there's still folks that'll defend Lance. Part of that is the cancer and stuff he's done there, but that shouldn't excuse the years of cheating and lying and bullying by LA.
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